What we stand for

Our members are the union, and membership means being able to stand up collectively and be counted.

We aim to be a voice in every workplace, building a healthy and representative union to campaign on the issues our members decide are important, and to negotiate with employers from a position of strength.

Every member has a part to play and every member is encouraged to be actively involved in our union, at whatever level.

As well as working to improve the pay and working lives of our members, we also fight for justice and equality both in the UK and internationally.

We actively oppose all forms of prejudice, harassment and oppression on any grounds, and work closely with other trade unions, campaign groups and non-governmental organisations to make positive changes to the world we live in.

If we are to maintain our strong, representative voice, and reap the benefits of our collective strength, we need everyone who can be a member to join us.

If you are not already a member find out about joining PCS today.

If you are a member but some of your colleagues are not, please ask them to join.

Together we are stronger, we can make a difference.

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