Volunteering opportunities

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determine the policies and procedures of PCS Credit Union and have strategic responsibility for organising and controlling its affairs. They are accountable to the members for the decisions they take in running the credit union. They also perform a Regional Co-ordination role which involves providing support to Local Co-ordinators and co-ordination of promotional work.

PCS Credit Union is now recruiting for additional members of the Board of Directors to supplement the current Board.

Supervisory Committee (Internal Audit)

The Supervisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the running of the credit union and making sure that PCS Credit Union operates within the law, regulation, rules and policies of the credit union, as well as in the interests of its members. The Supervisory Committee must be totally independent of any of the functions it is inspecting.

Vacancies are currently available for individuals to get involved with the internal audit process of PCS Credit Union as well as undergoing ongoing specialist training.

Can I do this from work?

Negotiations took place with the Cabinet Office but were unsuccessful in getting a general facility time allocation so any time spent on Credit Union activity at work should be with the permission of your manager.

For further information and to volunteer please Contact the PCS Office

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