Board of directors

The board of directors determines the policies and procedures of PCS Credit Union

The board have strategic responsibility for organising and controlling the affairs of PCS Credit Union.

They are accountable to the members for the decisions they take in running the credit union.

They also perform a regional co-ordination role which involves providing support to local co-ordinators and co-ordination of promotional work.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Determine, maintain, review and abide by all of the policies and procedures of PCS Credit Union
  • Attend monthly meetings of the Board of Directors in person or via video conferencing
  • Agree the Supervisory Committee’s annual plan and ensure that these tasks are carried out
  • Monitor the financial position of PCS Credit Union, including ensuring adequate reserves are maintained and provision for bad and doubtful debt is made
  • Review and appraise the performance of PCS Credit Union
  • Recommend the payment of a Dividend to members
  • Make decisions on loan write-offs and possible court action against members with bad debt, based on the recommendation of the Credit Control Committee
  • Make decisions on the disposal of any surplus funds and further provisions as necessary, for example doubtful debt, of PCS Credit Union, upon recommendations from the Treasurer
  • Undertake promotional and campaigning work in a designated region
  • Provide support and co-ordination for the network of PCS Credit Union volunteers within designated region
  • Serve on sub-committees or undertake specialist roles e.g. Secretary as required

Time commitment

Approximately twelve hours a month

Application process

Any new committee members are required to have an appropriate background e.g. financial expertise, general management to further complement the current Board of Directors. 

Candidates are required to undergo a reference checking and branch endorsement process, prior to their names being submitted for election at the AGM as a member of the Credit Union Board of Directors. 

This is to ensure that volunteers are supporters of PCS Trade Union as our main sponsor, as well as PCS Credit Union, as the credit union is a key member benefit.

Furthermore applicants will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure member information is treated appropriately.

The above process mirrors that followed for the current Board members.

Further information including an application form is available to download below, from the Related documents box on this page or from the Credit Union Team.

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