Ten reasons to organise a meeting

Organising a meeting is one of the most important tasks for any young member convener and PCS rep.  

Ten points to consider when organising a meeting:

1. Why hold a meeting?
A lot of issues we discuss can be complex. Meetings enable members to ask questions and take part in detailed discussions with each other. Members in your workplace will be better informed and will understand the campaign better, having played a role in the meeting.

2. Involving Members
Involving workers in the decisions about the next stages of any campaign, as well as informing them, makes them more likely to get involved when the next stages of the campaign have been agreed.

3. Effective Communication
There are over 30,000 young members in PCS not in our network yet but they are still affected by the same issues that affect us. Consulting only by email or paper distribution means potential new recruits will not hear about our network or why they should become involved.

4. First hand experience
At meetings, members get the opportunity to talk about the issues that are important to them – this will motivate them to speak to other young workers in their areas.

5. Are we effective?
We need to know what young members think about our network and what support we can offer them

6. Attendance
Even if members say they are too busy to attend a meeting, once it has been organised, you’ll find people will turn up.

7. Young Member Conveners
Once elected, young member conveners will be tasked to speak and organise meetings If a meeting is not organised, young members will not get a chance to question and meet their elected representatives.

8. Confidence to raise issues
Members are less likely to raise questions or concerns about young member campaigns/issues in an email. They may not even realise that they have a question until they hear the issues being discussed at the meeting.

9. Recruiting
Members meetings are a great place to ask for volunteers to become active in our network – a place to encourage young members to become active in their workplace through activities such as leafleting or distributing.

10. Making sure we all have a voice
Every young member’s input is important. Meetings are the best way to encourage and ensure everyone gets the opportunity to influence our campaigning and bargaining priorities.

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