Young Members' Newsletter issue 1 2019

The Young Members’ Newsletter is produced 4 times a year and is written by young members for young members. If you want to get involved in young members’ activities and are aged 27 or under, contact to be added to the network or for more information.

In this issue:

  • The pay ballot
    Kris Rowe, young members’ national committee Vice Chair sets out why it’s important for young members vote in the upcoming pay ballot, and how you can get involved.
  • What have unions ever done for us?
    Find out from Priya Kanu (Midlands young members’ convenor) the many things that we take for granted that unions have negotiated over the years, showing why it’s so important to belong to a trade union.
  • Apprentices: why is PCS for you?
    Are you an apprentice, or have you got apprentices working with you? Calum O’Donnell’s article shows why it’s so important for apprentices to be part of the union and why they need to be involved.
  • Period dignity
    Since the carriage of the motion on period poverty last year at PCS conference, PCS has done a lot of campaigning around period dignity. Danielle Biscoe, young members’ equality officer sets out how young people can get involved in the campaign.
  • Men and mental health
    Michael Rennie (northern deputy young members’ convenor) highlights why talking about mental should not be a taboo subject, particularly among men, and offers some practical steps to seek help.
  • A Proud history
    February is LGBT+ history month. Kris Hendry (the newly elected chair of PCS Proud the PCS group for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender + members) shares his thoughts about the month and encourages all members to get involved in Proud.
  • Young workers’ month survey
    November was TUC young workers’ month and 2019 is TUC year of the young worker. During the month a number of regions conducted a survey of young members. Fiona Brittle (Scotland convenor) highlights some of the findings

The young members’ committee
You can find a list of committee members in your area here.

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