Activate Issue 6 2018

Our organising aim of Building, Growing, Winning for members is illustrated in our approach to the pay campaign.

We’ve launched a mass consultation on the next steps, and it’s likely to involve another ballot for action in the spring. We were so close to the 50% turnout threshold in our summer 2018 ballot and we’ve learned from the experiences we had and the data we’ve gathered.

Now, to build and grow towards winning another ballot all our joint focus has to be on engaging face-to-face with members, recruiting more people to the union, and getting more people involved in activities, big or small. One of the first tasks to be getting on with is planning how to get more members along to your branch AGM in the new year.

In this edition:


Mass consultation on pay campaign next steps
A large-scale consultation has been launched to plan the next stage of the union’s national pay campaign, including a second ballot for industrial action.


Activism and recruitment a winning combination
Meetings are being held across the UK to talk to members about getting involved in the pay campaign, as part of our ‘Six Steps to Winning’ the next ballot. Increasing recruitment and activism are crucial first steps.

Branch AGM plans are key to ballot preparation
We’re asking reps to aim for a target of 25% attendance at their upcoming branch AGMs, as mass engagement with members is the only way to win an industrial action ballot on pay.

PCS training to get more new members involved
Changes to the PCS Academy offerings include a new one-day ‘Introduction to PCS’ course to make it easier for new members to get involved in union activit

Building, Growing, Winning with digital organising
PCS is preparing to launch a new digital web portal for members and reps, to replace iMembership and the Document Library, as part of a roll-out of new applications focusing on our Building, Growing, Winning strategy.

Equality: breaking down barriers to union involvement
Events to bring together all equality groups to talk about issues like mental health and sexual harassment, as well as addressing barriers to union involvement, are being held in PCS regions in the new year.


Representing Members: ‘You have to speak management’s language’
BEIS member Scott Johnston was inspired to go on a recent PCS Representing Members course by the experience of dealing with his own personal case.

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