AGM timetable for branches

Timetable showing when everything should be done in preparation for an annual general meeting


  1. Write your branch annual report – it does not need to be too lengthy; members are more likely to read a brief record. Branch officers and BEC members should be invited to contribute in their respective areas.
  2. Set a date for the AGM. This should be in advance of the closing date for nominations and motions to group and national elections and conferences (usually early March).
  3. Try to book a day and time when the majority of membership can attend (i.e. consider part-time staff and those located in workplaces/offices furthest from your venue).
  4. Book the accommodation for the meeting. Bear in mind any disabled members and also make arrangement for those who have special needs (e.g. visual/hearing impairments).
  5. If you intend to book a guest speaker for your AGM please remember that group and national officers get booked quickly for meetings.



Submit branch accounts to branch auditors and once cleared, send to PCS HQ by 31 January.

National election briefings and requests for Group nominations are issued usually in January. National election briefings will also be posted on the PCS website.

At least 28 days before the AGM

Notice of the AGM should be sent out to members calling for nominations and motions.

The AGM notice should include the date, time and venue of the meeting. It should also include details of any guest speakers. A relevant and interesting speaker from within or outside the union can help attract members who haven’t attended a union meeting before to come along. The motion and nomination forms should be attached to this notice and circulated to members on a 1:1 basis.

The annual and financial reports should be finalised and circulated. The audited statement of accounts form should be attached.

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