Aviation Annual Report 2018

Please click here to read the report.


Aviation Conference 2018 

Please follow link to Aviation Conference Briefing 2 with

- Form 1 Group Conference Expenses Form

- Form 2 PCS expenses guidance and policy 2018

- From 3 Creche booking form

- Form 4 Redfern Travel Booking form 2018 Group Conference


Please follow link to Aviation Conference Briefing 1 with

- Annex A Aviation Group Elections Regulations 2018

- Annex B Aviation Group Constitution January 2017

- Annex C Group Nomination form

- Annex D ATM Section Nomination form

- Annex E Airport Operators Section Nomination form

- Annex F Motion Form

- Annex G Emergency motion form

- Annex H Reference Back form

- Annex I SOC Election Form

- Annex J Branch Delegate Form

Annex K Trainee Delegate Form

- Annex L Online Motions Guidance

- Annex M Aviation Block Vote Election Regulations 2018

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