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The false economy of cost efficiency

10 Oct 2017

For the last few years, working people have been backsliding towards the Victorian era and beyond.  In society generally, the depression of wages, the growth of precarious employment, zero hours contracts, needing more than one job to make ends meet – it’s a sad indictment of where we are that these things have become normalised.

PCS Green Forum: Building in our workplaces for Just Transition and energy democracy

26 Sep 2017

This week we want to encourage members to think about attending the PCS Green Forum.  PCS is the leading UK trade union when it comes to green issues, and the forum is an annual event for members interested in all things environmental, from workplace issues (recycling, green energy, environmental audits etc.) to global issues of climate change and energy transition.

TUC debates key industrial issues

18 Sep 2017

We're resuming the weekly updates on this page following a short break, and we hope all members were able to enjoy the summer holidays.

This year's Trades Union Congress took place during the week this is being written, and you can read on the PCS website how our union is leading the debate on the crucial question of public sector pay.  The minority Tory government's recent prevarications on the pay cap have brought this to the forefront of debate, so now is the right moment for public sector unions to act together in the interest of their members.

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