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Aviation workers need to vote in their own best interests

10 Dec 2019

It is no exaggeration to say that on 12 December we face an historic choice.  It’s a once in a generation opportunity to reject the politics of greed that we have lived with for the last forty years, and to start on the road to a fairer society, one that values our role as workers and provides us with the security and purpose we would like our jobs to have.

Organising for worldwide climate justice on 20 September

13 Sep 2019

Global action on climate change is planned for Friday 20 September.  With the courageous youth climate strikers at its centre, literally thousands of cities across the world will be taking part to demand action to protect our planet and our future as a species.  Whether the startling pictures of a burning Amazon rainforest, or the regular occurrence of so-called ‘once in a lifetime’ freak weather events, we are all being affected in some shape or form, and far bigger than the current shenanigans in Westminster.

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