SkyViews Issue 1 2019

From the editor
Whilst some high profile events have impacted on the aviation industry since the last issue, and Brexit continues to rumble along, its business as usual for our members on the frontline. Read more
CAA Report
Sue Rose provides an update on pay within the CAA and also the relocation of staff from Central London. Read more
ATM Section President
Simon Campbell-Gurry has hit the ground running as our new ATM section president, raising the profile of PCS and of the Aviation Group with promises of more to come in the next few months as he reorganises and reinvigorates the group. Read more
PCS reps attend NATCA Conference Dublin 
Simon Campbell-Gurry provides details and insight on attendance at the NATCA (Nordic Air Traffic Control Assistants) conference in Dublin. Read more

Skyviews welcomes contributions from all PCS members in the Aviation Group. All articles and ideas for articles should be forwarded to the editor Adrian Broadbent at

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