Building for the next pay ballot

As I take up my position as MoJ’s group president I want to thank the GEC, union activists, members and full-time officers for their efforts in the recent pay ballot to breach anti-trade union laws cap on voting.  We almost did it. With all the fantastic technology PCS deployed we were able to have a far clearer picture of the landscape of the ballot from the very beginning and that helped deploy resources. It is true it was disappointing after all the time put in, to not quite get there. However, what we have achieved is greater than any previous like ballot and we are very close so we must take a moment to reflect. The question I posed to the members I spoke to was "do you believe you are worth 1% or 10% and without exception not one single person said 1%. 

Going forward it is important that every member makes the effort in any future ballot to vote. It is not how you vote either though clearly, we always seek to recommend the best way forward. Did you know that all votes count be it 'for' 'against' or an abstention? Send your ballot form in, that is what counts towards breaching the cap; you submitting your vote.  This is your union, your voice.

We all recognise the difficult times ahead the job insecurities facing members. If you work in HMCTS you will be very aware of the uncertainty the reform program presents. We have set out how we are responding to the motion passed at conference regarding reform earlier.  For those who do not work in HMCTS think of this as a mirror and in it your future position reflected because no job or role is safe. The GEC team continue to question, to challenge and to hold the employer accountable at every level to ensure members rights are protected. Stand united with your fellow workers in the months ahead ready to speak out ready to fight.

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