How to guide

What can you do to help?

  • If you can, sign yourself up!
  • Get a pledge from your BEC, BEC, NEC and regional committee members to also sign up.
  • Ask each BEC member to sign up 5 people, including inviting all other activists
  • Share the webpage that allows members to easily donate/suscribe via Paypal, form or cheque
  • Promote the Fighting Fund at meetings and events, and in newsletters and websites. Make it a standing item at BEC. Form a committee to plan a strategy.
  • Make it clear to members what the fund is for, how is helping their colleagues, and why they might need it one day. Give real examples like the EHRC strike, and National Museum Wales .
  • Hold a prize draw for members who sign up by a certain date. Send thank you updates to supporters.
  • Fundraise! Hold collections at members’ meetings, events like raffles, quiz nights or comedy and music evenings. Have branch members serving at music festivals for the Workers Beer Company



Updated 1 June 2017

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