Oppose privatisation of court fines

The government is planning to privatise the enforcement of financial penalties enforced by civilian enforcement officers employed by HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

This would see around 150 civil servants outsourced and put the safety and finances of the public at risk.

The majority of financial penalties enforced by civilian enforcement officers relate to motoring issues, failure to obtain a television licence and other similar matters, often involving defaulters who are among the most vulnerable people in society.

The enforcement staff are subject to the civil service code governing standards of behaviour, have the authority to search premises and place defaulters in custody, and can access sensitive data held on government systems, including the Police National Computer.

The code would not apply to staff employed by private companies motivated by profit. Government reforms have had little impact in protecting the public from overzealous and aggressive bailiffs, and this privatisation would put the public in further danger of being subjected to this behaviour. 

Please email your MP today to ask them to oppose this disastrous privatisation.



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