Time for Justice

Government reforms are causing chaos in our justice system and denying access to those that need it most.

PCS is joining forces with other justice unions and the Justice Alliance campaign group to tell the government that it’s #Time4Justice. We launched the campaign with a protest outside of the MoJ headquarters in April 2018 with a Justice Vigil.

By March 2023, HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) expects to employ 5,000 fewer full-time equivalent staff, reduce the number of cases held in physical courtrooms by 2.4 million per year and reduce annual spending by £265 million.

PCS is raising concerns about the impact on staff and access to justice that the plans to close many of the existing courts, the lessening of judicial oversight, reliance on digital solutions and a shift from local justice delivery to just five or six contact centres will have. In July 2018 the Public Accounts Committee released a damning report into HMCTS's Courts and Tribunals Reform programme, stating it had little confidence that it could deliver the programme successfully. Read PCS's written evidence to the Public Accounts Committee's inquiry.

Funding for prisons and staff has also decreased as has safety in prison for employees and offenders alike. We have launched An Alternative Visions for Prisons report, which is based on our own members’ experience and makes a number of recommendations to reduce reoffending and make prisons safe, decent and secure.

Read our Altertative Vision for Prisons report

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