Tax justice

The government claims there is no alternative to the austerity agenda while failing to close a tax gap that loses the UK economy £120 billion a year.


  • Jobs and pay are being cut, benefits slashed and public services closed.
  • Small businesses are strugging to survive on our high streets while the multinationals that dominate them are allowed to pay little or no tax.
  • The highest earners get a tax cut while low earners see their income fall below the cost of living.

We want a fair tax system and are campaigning for:

  • A closing of the tax gap
  • More staff in HMRC, the government department responsible for assessing, enforcing and collecting taxes
  • Making those most able pay their fair share of taxes.

Tax gap report

A report by Richard Murphy, director of Tax Research UK for PCS reveals the true extent of tax evasion and what can be done about it.

Join us in our campaign for tax justice:

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Updated 27 November 2017

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