Welfare reform

PCS has taken a leading role within the trade union movement in voicing concerns about welfare policy, and in campaigning to defend and strengthen the welfare state.

As a union representing tens of thousands of staff delivering welfare, PCS has an obligation not only to our members, but to those who use it – including our future, current and former members and their families too.

PCS members take pride in the welfare state, and they want a welfare state that provides a decent standard of living for the retired, the unemployed and for those unable to work, and that rewards them fairly as public servants.

Over the past 30 years the concept of welfare has been under attack. As governments have stopped pursuing policies of full employment they have sought to pass the blame for unemployment to the individual. Now the government’s £18 billion welfare cuts will damage the welfare state as a safety net that ensures a decent standard of living for those unable to work.

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