PCS against racism and fascism

PCS has a proud history of campaigning against racism and fascism and it is the union’s agreed policy to oppose racist and fascist organisations in our workplaces and communities.

We also comemorate key dates in the calendar that remind us of the evils of fascism and racism, while celebrating our diversity as a multicultural society.

2020 review of PCS Anti-racism/Anti-fascism (ARAF) strategy

The PCS Anti-racism/Anti-fascism (ARAF) strategy has been updated to reflect the changing nature of the threat of racism, and includes a focus on education in workplaces for PCS members and reps.

A new one-day workshop “Racism and Intolerance: Changing Attitudes in the Workplace” is available through the PCS Academy, and new materials include workplace posters, leaflets, and photo-op cards.

The ARAF 2020 strategy is available to download and contains guidance on challenging unacceptable behaviour, and safety at events.

Mohammed Shafiq, PCS National Black Members Committee chair comments:

"I am really proud to present PCS Union’ Anti-Racist and Anti Fascism strategy for 2020. PCS has a proud history of campaigning for race equality and against fascism.  The National Black Members Committee has been fully involved in the work to put this strategy together.

The challenges in 2020 are profound. The country is still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in which BAME communities are disproportionately affected. PCS and our Trade Union colleagues will continue to raise these important issues to ensure no one is left behind or ignored.

The murder of George Floyd in the United States has shown once again the institutional racism that still exists and why it is so important that we see rapid changes to the systematic discrimination in employment, education, law and order, in the health service and wider society.

Defeating racism and fascism is the responsibility of everyone in our Union and I look forward to working with all to ensure that we play our part in this movement.”

Useful resources

Advice and support for PCS members

Stand Up to Racism: PCS supports Stand Up To Racism, which organises two conferences each year with international speakers and workshops. They also organise national and regional marches and anti-racism events. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Show Racism the Red Card : Show Racism the Red Card is an educational charity which provides workshops, training sessions, multimedia packages, and other resources, utilising footballers to promote their work. PCS supports the annual Show Racism the Red Card Wear Red Day

Hope Not Hate 

Love Music Hate Racism  

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