Advice and support

Where individuals are found to be union members and exhibit values that are contrary to the above, members should report individuals to their branch officers and seek advice from their PCS headquarters official or the equality department.

PCS will not accept fascists

In order not to fall foul of the law, it is important the individuals acting against the union's equality values are properly dealt with in line with the union's rules and procedures.

The Prison Service as a public service employer has introduced as part of its terms of employment rules that allow them to dismiss anyone who is found to be a member of a racist organisation.

Departmental trade union sides in areas such as the DWP and Customs and Excise have also engaged in negotiations to adopt similar provisions in contracts of employment.

Contact your branch or group and ask about getting involved in campaigning against the far right.

Love Music Hate Racism

PCS is also affiliated to Love Music Hate Racism. LMHR aims to create a national movement against racism and fascism through music.

If you have an idea for an event in your town, or if you are a performer and want to make your gig a LMHR one, LMHR can help you organise it by putting you in touch with performers, publicising your event, and pointing you in the right direction for venues and technical equipment.

Contact them at:

Love Music Hate Racism

Updated 23 Feb 2017

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