Why unions opppose the far right

'Trade union members are fixated on nonsensical Marxist dogma about equality and anti-racism, something that makes these time-servers a menace not just to their members but to the whole of our society' - quote from BNP website

Far-right political parties may attempt to project themselves as 'respectable' politicians but they are fundamentally opposed to democratic politics and the values and objectives of both PCS and the trade union movement as a whole.

Despite the diametric opposition between union values and those of the far right, there are fascists who want to join unions and who are already members of unions.

Unions stand firm

It is crucial that unions are welcoming, safe and inclusive organisations. The involvement of the far right inevitably puts this proud ethos in considerable jeopardy.

Members of far right organisations within trade unions present problems.

Even though they carefully attempt to distinguish between their overt out-of-work activities and what they do in the workplace, some have access to personal information on civil servants, local authority workers and the public.

Fascists try to infiltrate unions

Members of far right organisations can capitalise on their positions within trade unions, with the chance that they will abuse positions of authority and discriminate against certain social groups.

This not only has a likely effect on the prospects of promotion, training, and so on for black and ethnic minority members, but a more general negative effect on the climate of the workplace by creating cultures of fear and intimidation.

Updated 23 Feb 2017

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