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The influences on the working lives of PCS members now extend far beyond the borders of the UK and Ireland.

Economic crises don't respect national boundaries, as we are all engaged in the struggle to protect our public services. PCS has built up good relationships with sister trade unions around the globe and through European and global trade union federations to promote and protect our members' interests and concerns.

In many countries trade unionists risk intimidation or jail for active membership of a union. Solidarity is the very basis of trade unionism, and it shouldn't stop at national borders.

PCS is proud to campaign for human rights and against inequality and injustice.

Latest news

Solidarity and Human Rights

Solidarity with the Kurdish

In response to the shocking news that Donald Trump had given the green-light to a Turkish invasion of North and East Syria, Mark Serwotka, alongside other union general secretaries, signed a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to condemn Turkey’s threats of invasion. 

The letter urges the UK government to condemn outright the Turkish aggression, reminding both the UK government and the international community of the debt owed to the Syrian Democratic Forces for their “sacrifice in stopping and defeating ISIS”.

Freedom for Ocalan Campaign

Earlier this year, the union’s Annual Delegate Conference voted to affiliate to the trade union Freedom for Ocalan campaign.  The campaign is supported by 14 major UK trade unions, and is demanding the release of all Kurdish political prisoners, end to the campaign of intimidation and violence against trade unionists and the opposition of any invasion of the free Kurdish cantons of Rojava.

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