About PCS's international work

In line with PCS international policy the union participates in European and global federations and shares experience and good practice with sister unions abroad.

Through this work with international bodies PCS serves its domestic industrial agenda of defending members’ jobs, pay, pensions, working hours and other terms and conditions.

This work is overseen by the National Executive Committee's International Committee.

Our work with international organisations

To promote the policies of the union and the interests of its members, PCS works with several international trade union federations, including:

Through these organisations our Aviation, Department for Transport, Revenue & Customs, National Offender Management Service and Commercial Sector groups promote our members' interests in a number of areas including:

  • Driving standards
  • Taxation 
  • Air traffic control and airport development - for more information see the PCS Aviation Group's web pages

Global solidarity work

In many countries, such as Colombia, Iraq and Zimbabwe, being a trade union activist can mean intimidation, kidnap, or death for activists and even their families.

Despite the very real challenges that trade unionists here in the UK face in their workplaces, we must never forget and cease to support trade unionists around the world who face even greater threats.

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