Pay up in HMRC

31 August: pay up in HMRC

Our members in HMRC collect the taxes that fund vital services that millions of us rely on but, along with thousands of colleagues across the civil service, they have seen their pay frozen or capped for years.

The department imposed the annual maximum of 1% pay cap on HMRC on payday on 31 July – and we made an example of the government’s paymasters by getting large numbers our HMRC members to hold a day of protest, and showed what another year of the pay cap would mean to them. We are now urging all members to hold more payday protests on 31 August when they will be joined by colleagues at the Home Office whose members will have the cap imposed for another 12 months on 31 August. 

For many members their monthly payday offers no respite, as they know that most of their earnings will quickly disappear on bills and essentials. We are campaigning to change that.

Public sector workers have suffered under the UK-wide 1% public sector cap introduced in 2013, which itself followed a two-year pay freeze. The last Tory government pledged to keep the pay cap in place until 2020.

Payday protests

We asked HMRC members and supporters to join lunchtime protests outside their workplaces on 31 July and thousands of people responded.

What you can do to help

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