How to lobby your MP

Find out when your MP holds their constituency surgery – usually weekly on Friday or Saturday. Most have a website or you can call their constituency office, Google their name for details or if you’re not sure who your MP is find out using the website

Actions – you are entitled to ask your local MP to work for you. So ask them to:

Preparation is key

Once you’ve decided when you and your branch colleagues are going to meet your MP – you don’t normally need to book an appointment – prepare what you’re going to say.

You need to back up your arguments on pay with sound reasoning, costing and evidence. Do the most extensive research you can so that you are always on top of the subject.

Personalise the issue. What does the ongoing pay cap mean for you, your family and the people that you know? What does it mean for children and the next generation? Don’t be afraid to create an emotional appeal.

Don’t be intimidated by the people you’re lobbying. It is your right to lobby them and it is their responsibility to listen.

Don’t be charmed, either. It is very easy for someone to tell you what you want to hear and for you to walk away from a meeting feeling on top of the world. But if the promises aren’t followed through then it will count for nothing.

Don’t get angry. It is important to convey the emotional reasons why you want your lobbying to succeed, but remember that you are meeting with someone in a formal situation and losing your temper won’t help.

If your MP is sympathetic to our campaign ask them to pose for a photo with you and your colleagues and give you a quote in support of our campaign. Share these on social media and let us know how your meeting goes by email

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