31 August - join Home Office protests to lift the 1% pay cap 

On 31 August the Home Office is imposing a derisory 1% pay increase and even no increase in some cases with no opportunity for PCS to discuss with members before its imposition. This will mark yet another year where members' pay has been held down well below cost of living increases.

This situation can’t continue. The 1% cap inflicted by the government is hitting public sector workers hard. And the Home Office is complicit in this by failing to stand up to the Treasury to demand a decent pay increase for its staff. We’re asking you and all members in the department to join lunchtime protests on Thursday 31st August to urge the department to think again.

We’re stepping up our pay campaign following protests by PCS members in HMRC on 31 July, when their cap was imposed, and we’re asking you to show your disgust at the continuing pay cap on 31 August, alongside members in Home Office MoJ whose cap is also imposed on 31 August, and those in HMRC. 

More protests, involving members from more departments, will take place in the run-up to the budget in November and we are holding a consultative pay ballot in the autumn to ask members what action they would support, including industrial action, to break the cap.

End the payday pain 

Your pay has fallen 17% behind inflation over the last 10 years, and many members are struggling desperately to get by, pay bills and feed families. 

PCS continues to campaign for the cap to be lifted and all members to be given a rise of 5% or an increase of £1200, to start rectifying years of politically-driven pay restraint.

This government is weak and divided - particularly around the issue of public sector pay – so this is a great opportunity to show your support through public protests and finally get the pay cap lifted.

Contact your local rep or regional centre to find out what is going on in your workplace on 31 August.

We can win

Our fantastic victory over the government’s cuts to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme showed the strength of PCS as a campaigning trade union.

We need as many people as possible to join these protests, to keep up the pressure on the government to pay up and scrap the cap.

What you can do:

Updated 21 August 2017

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