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How has the pay cap affected you?

Back in 2010, the government put in place a two year public sector pay freeze. They then implemented a “pay cap”, set at 1%. For many PCS members pay has only increased by 5% in seven years. In that time inflation, which measures increases in the cost of living, has increased by 21.3%. This means the value of public sector pay has fallen.

PCS and other unions, have been campaigning against the pay cap, and this campaign is now starting to have an impact. There is a real possibility that the pay cap can be lifted. But there are some reports that increases will be restricted to senior civil servants and uniformed staff. All public sector workers have been covered by the pay cap, all make an important contribution and all deserve a pay rise.

In advance of the Autumn Budget, we want you to help us show the chancellor, how the pay cap has affected you. So please use our calculator and send a powerful message to the government to scrap the pay cap and fully fund an above inflation pay increase for all.

How the calculator works

The calculator makes a simple analysis of the impact of inflation on your salary over seven years, assuming that you have received a 5% pay increase over that time. The calculator goes on to estimate the effect that the pay cap will have on the value of your pay if the pay cap continues until 2020 (using government estimates of inflation).

The calculator will also enable you share this information on social media and email the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond and your constituency MP.


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