Update your details

Update your details landing page

To update the details that PCS holds about you select your employer from the list below and click on the link below to take you to the web form for your PCS employer group.

You will then need to add your:

  • National Insurance number (mandatory)
  • Name (mandatory)
  • Date of birth (mandatory)
  • Employer select from a drop-down list on your specific web form (mandatory)
  • PCS membership number.

We want you to tell us if your employer or workplace has changed.

You will also be asked to add your:

  • Mobile phone number
  • Grade
  • Your current employer
  • Your current workplace

Enter either a personal email, mobile or work email so that we can contact you if we have a query; this email will be recorded on your membership details.

Check all details entered are correct before submitting. For information on how PCS uses your data, see our privacy policy.

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