PCS political consultation

ADC 2018 agreed by supporting motion 41 that the election of a UK Labour government under the leadership and policies of John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn is in the interest of PCS members. Conference decided that we must develop an effective political strategy for the next general election that involves advancing our industrial agenda through national union support for a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government.

Conference decided that a consultation should be held throughout the union “on the means by which we can increase our support for a campaign to get a Corbyn and McDonnell-led UK Labour government elected”.

Our approach to political campaigning is aimed at finding ways to win better pay, jobs, pensions and public services.

The consultation will be launched at ADC 2019 and then discussions with branches, groups, regions, nation committees, sector associations and equalities committees will take place following ADC to run until November.

A report of the consultation will be produced for branch AGMs in 2020 so that decisions on national policy can be taken at ADC 2020.

You are strongly urged to respond to this consultation.

Respond to this consultation by answering the 9 questions set out on the online form.

Other ways to respond

Email: mark@pcs.org.uk  

By post to: General election strategy consultation, PCS General Secretary’s Office, PCS, 160 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2LN. The deadline for receipt of responses is 15 November, 2019.

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