PCS pensions campaign frequently asked questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the PCS pensions campaign

Where is the pensions overpayment going, is it going to the pensions pot?

No, the civil service scheme is unfunded. Pension contributions go to the Exchequer and payments are made by the Exchequer.

Can PCS take legal action over the pension's overpayments?

PCS is seeking judicial review of the government’s action jointly with other unions.

Why hasn’t the PCS legal team followed up given the government hasn’t done as the court said?
The government is changing the scheme rules through legislation – the public services and judicial offices bill had its second reading on 5 January.

Is the aim to get the pension contribution reduced by 2%?
Yes. This was recommended by the scheme board in 2019 but overruled by the Treasury.

Will people who have recently retired have the over deduction while working refunded?

This should happen if we are successful.

Surely this is classed as an unauthorised deduction of salary?

Scheme members are liable to pay the contributions set but we will campaign to reduce them as recommended by the scheme board.

What is the union doing about this?

There is a focus on pensions within our national campaign and PCS is seeking judicial review of the government’s actions.

When will I get my money refunded?

PCS believes contributions should have been reduced by 2% from April 2019. The government does not agree and has changed the pension valuation retrospectively by 5% to reflect an estimate of increased cost arising from the McCloud judgement.

Why is the government dragging its heels on this issue?

The government is actively seeking to prevent any cut in the rate of employee contribution.


When Civil Service Pensions state that the McCloud Remedy will not be implemented until October 2023, does this mean I won’t get back my Classic service if I retire before then?

A: It doesn’t mean you can’t get back your Classic service but it does mean your pension will be awarded without application of the Remedy and reviewed and then corrected later according to your choices over service falling within the Remedy Period. This may impose a detriment and it is certainly not fair that your retirement should be delayed because of this. Our advice is to apply for retirement at the time you intended so you can work out what the delay could cost you. Contact pensions@pcs.org.uk once you have your pension quote so we can help you consider your options which may include making a legal claim.

I am losing my right to stay in my legacy pension on 31 March; can I still buy additional pension?

A: Yes and the deadline for applying has been extended. Find out more details on the pension scheme website.

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