Strike fund

The way the strike fund is supported changed in 2019 when PCS union subscriptions increased by 50p a month from 1 July (if payed by direct debit) or 28 June (if payed by check-off), with the increase paid directly into the fund.

This money is used to build up the strike fund, raising over £1million every year and used to financially support PCS members who are taking strike action. Asking all members to make a relatively small individual contribution every month allows us to quickly build a sustainable strike fund which grows every month.

The 50p increase does not apply to members who are in unrecognised workplaces and associate and retired members.

In addition, we still welcome donations from supporters.

For more information read our frequently asked questions. 

How to make additional donations

  • Create a standing order from your bank account to the PCS Strike Fund bank account:

Account Number: 20331490
Sort Code: 608301
Account Name: PCS Strike Fund

It’s the easiest payment option for members and unlike PayPal which takes 13.5% from our donations, 100% of any money donated by Standing Order will go into the PCS Strike Fund.

  • Anyone choosing to pay via standing order should quote either their PCS membership number or National Insurance number.
  • Set up a direct debit. Again, all money collected in that way will come to the strike fund.
  • Writing a cheque made payable to PCS strike fund levy and sending it to PCS Finance Department, Freepost, BFH1003, 160 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2BR
  • Donate through PayPal using the links below for a one-off donation or regular subscription.

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