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Our national campaign brings together what members have told us are their 3 key issues:

All members are affected by at least one of these issues, so we are campaigning to join those issues up and demand fairness and justice from the government.

Since the coronavrius crisis began our national executive committee has agreed to propose to the Cabinet Office that civil service departments and related employers immediately give all staff the reassurance they deserve: 

  1. A healthy and safe working environment
  2. An immediate across the board above inflation pay increase for all staff 
  3. A 2% reduction in pension contributions 
  4. No changes to the civil service redundancy scheme 
  5. A moratorium on office closures and redundancies. 

In times of crisis public sector workers rise to the challenge, and we want the government to recognise their contribution, and do its bit to alleviate the stress and uncertainty they are facing.

Meeting these proposals would go some way to recognising the difficulties our members are facing during the coronavirus crisis, reward their contribution and, give them some well-deserved peace of mind.

Local campaigning

We are setting up a series of local campaigning initiatives in all parts of the UK to get reps and members joining in across different employers and departments, urging people to get involved.

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