Campaigning to protect redundancy rights

In the face of job cuts and office closures, PCS supports all members who wish to stay in employment. We have long-standing policy to secure guaranteed no compulsory redundancy.

In 2016, the government first attempted to change the terms of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, which sets out the level of compensation that government departments can pay their staff if they leave under a voluntary or compulsory redundancy scheme, and cut redundancy pay by 33%.

Our campaign has since defended the 2010 terms, resulting in £100s of millions being available to workers covered by the scheme. Since we won a judicial review on the government’s lack of consultation on changes to the scheme in 2017, we have managed, through ongoing negotiations, to maintain the CSCS at the favourable 2010 terms – this is currently guaranteed until at least 31 March, 2020, and has so far cost the government an estimated £400m

Our negotiating position with the government has been to secure maximum protection and to eradicate age discrimination.

As part of our national campaign we are demanding:

  • No cuts or further threats to redundancy rights
  • The continuation of protection under the existing 2010 terms
  • An end to age discrimination tapering for those over 57
  • A guarantee of no compulsory redundancies.

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