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Give us back our 2% - pension justice now

The government is robbing PCS members in the civil and public service of 2% every month by making them pay more for their pension than the independent valuation says that they should.

The government ministers have told us that they intend to ask parliament to give them the authority to make our members carry on paying pension contributions at the current rate.

This is totally unacceptable. Every month that our members get their pay packet, 2% that they’re giving to the government should be theirs. It’s completely unfair and we’ve told the government they need to give you that money as soon as possible.

At the moment they’re not listening so we intend to:

  1. Launch a major national campaign around the question of pay, pensions and your redundancy rights.
  2. Tell the government to cut pension contributions immediately by 2% and guarantee that moving forward they will implement the legal case won by the Fire Brigades Union to improve everybody’s pensions.

If they don’t do that we’re urging our members to join our campaign, ask people who aren’t in PCS to join us and get involved in our local campaign initiatives.

Legal action

We’re also going to be taking legal action. We will be seeking jointly with the Fire Brigades Union a judicial review to give members their pension money back.

We need members to join our campaign, fight for pensions justice, tell the government to give them their 2% back or if not we will campaign against them and we will take action in the courts.

Our members are fully entitled to have their pension contributions reduced by 2% or more, and to benefit from other pension improvements.

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