Restore fair and equal pay for all

PCS members have made an immense contribution during the pandemic and the government has acknowledged that some of our members are key workers. During these incredibly challenging circumstances, our members have been working tirelessly to keep the country going and keeping people safe.

We have made clear to the Cabinet Office that the range of issues confronting us, particularly in planning for a post-pandemic world, cannot be dealt with in isolation or through delegation. We think that proper central planning will be required if the UK is to recover and in prime minister Boris Johnson’s words “build back better”; and that proper collective bargaining is needed to facilitate this. Significant pay increases for UK government workers should play a major part in creating a path to economic recovery.

Yet our members have been hit by a pay freeze for the next 12 months. Despite some public sector workers being exempt from the freeze, the Treasury has made it clear that the pay remit for the civil service is 0%. 

Huge collective effort

Since 2010, the value of civil service pay has fallen by between 8.8% (CPI) and 15.2% (RPI) and the average civil servant is now £2,110 worse off a year. We have been clear that this pay injustice must come to an end.

The route back to normality will be a long one and the virus still represents a major threat to people’s health and livelihoods. That’s why the government must do more to protect our members in both the public and private sector.

Our national executive has agreed a national pay claim for 2021 which seeks a cost of living rise of 10%, and a number of sectoral pay claims complement it, including in DWP, DfT, Home Office, MOJ and MOD.

Our campaigning

We launched our petition in July, which stated that during the pandemic government workers have delivered vital public services and kept our country safe and secure. After 10 years in which the real value of civil service pay has fallen, many face hardship. That’s why we called on the government to start to restore the real value of government workers’ pay with a 10% increase in 2020.

Regrettably the government announed it is freezing public sector pay for the coming year.

Our peition smashed through the 100,000 mark and was therefore debated by MPs on 14 December, many of whom said PCS members deserve fair pay and respect for their tremendous work during the coronavirus pandemic MPs.

The PCS petition and parliamentary pay debate are only the start of a vibrant campaign mobilising tens of thousands of public sector workers calling for fair pay, with payday activities planned for the first 3 paydays of 2021, as well as a virtual lobby of parliament in early March and ongoing discussions with other public sector unions, including teachers, firefighters and local government workers, about a coordinated campaign.

We also want to hear from members how they've delivered during lockdown, email 

This page was updated on 26 March, 2021.

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