Restore fair and equal pay for all

PCS is campaigning for fair and equal pay for all civil and public servants.

In the civil service and related areas workers have suffered from years of pay stagnation. Over the past 10 years their pay has declined in real terms. That is why all of our members must have a pay rise that’s significantly above inflation.

PCS has a single national pay claim for all civil and public servants, including:

  • A 10% cost of living pay increase for all, with a minimum underpin of £2,400
  • Full funding for pay awards
  • No detrimental changes to terms and conditions or cuts to services
  • Guaranteed swift progression to the maximum of the pay scale for the grade.

We are calling on the prime minister to make good on his leadership campaign rhetoric and give public sector workers and civil servants an above inflation pay increase.

We want a pay rise that is wholly funded by the Treasury. No department should have to cut jobs to pay for it. Instead of each department having different pay scales, this year we must move to towards a system where everyone gets the same rates of pay for doing the same work.

We are demanding:

  • Fair pay, including coherence of pay, terms and conditions across departments and bodies, levelled up to the best in government
  • Equal pay in multi-employed hub workplaces and across civil and public services
  • National pay bargaining covering the UK civil service and related areas.

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