Commercial sector

The commercial sector brings together workers in the private sector who provide services to central government.

Our private sector members work for many different employers but face very similar issues at work like:

  • Low pay
  • Job cuts
  • Attacks on pensions

Your voice at work

We believe that only by uniting as workers can we tackle the employer and therefore we aim to extend our influence and collective bargaining in every workplace.

By campaigning together and working collectively we can meet head-on whatever comes our way - and most importantly we can win.

We urge every member to help make PCS a stronger and more effective union in your workplace.

Read our latest news and if you have a comment, get in touch with us or find out more about us.


PCS supports a Living Wage 

PCS is campaigning to make the living wage a mandatory part of government pay policy - applicable to all directly employed civil servants and to any worker sub-contracted to the private sector.

The public sector currently spends billions through procurement with the private sector and there is a concentration on low paid workers providing facilities mangement services such as cleaning and security, whilst the companies themselves enjoy healthy profits.

The Living Wage - a basic minimum required to lead a decent life - is an essential demand for our union and for the whole trade union movement. It is fair and affordable and essential if we are to rebuild the economy.



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