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About the Commercial Sector

The commercial sector has an important and growing role in our union, bringing together workers in the private sector who provide services to central government.

PCS members working in the private sector work for many different employers but face very similar issues at work such as low pay, job cuts and attacks on pensions, and often work for employers who treat them with an appalling lack of respect.

We are a democratic and open union - a union that is led by members and is committed to ensuring that our priorities are set by members.

Members are working to deliver on these priorities and to promote and protect:

  • Pay - including making every area we organise in a Living Wage employer.
  • Job Security - a commitment to fight compulsory redundancies.
  • Pensions – ensuring that workers are able to retire whilst still healthy and able to enjoy their retirement and not into poverty.
  • Equality- and promoting dignity and respect at work.
  • Union - the right to unionise and be covered by collective bargaining.

Bargaining areas

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Commercial Break

More information about the work of the commercial sector can be found in our quarterly members' magazine.

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