Atos is a big company with members employed on a large number of contracts throughout the PCS Commercial Sector many of which are ex-government or civil service. PCS has hundreds of members spread throughout these contracts although the largest group is currently within the NS&I areas of Blackpool, Durham and Glasgow.

The Atos group executive committee (GEC) represents the members throughout the company whether we have collective bargaining rights for them or not.

The GEC’s target is to reach as many employees throughout Atos where PCS is the main union and to seek to extend the scope of collective bargaining to include members not currently covered. 

If you are interested in joining PCS in Atos please email one of the following:

Kenny McKay (Group President) -

Jim Knotts (Full Time Officer) -

Commercial Sector -

Or call our membership department free on 0800 317 464 or 0207 801 2670 from a mobile.

Other lead reps in Atos include:

Ros Smitham (Blackpool NS&I)

John Bottoms (Durham PIP)

Alistair Maxwell (Group Organiser) -



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