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Since DXC formed from the merger between Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Computer Science Corporation (CSC) in April 2017 PCS have been working hard fighting for pay rises and to ensure any redundancies are mitigated against and minimalised in order to protect members’ jobs. Before that in CSC and, as before that in HP and EDS, the branch committees worked to protect members’ jobs and the protected rights which come with those jobs.

We support members’ rights and campaign for minimum terms & conditions. We also represent you in any dealings you may have with management, including grievance meetings, disciplinary matters, redundancy meetings and more. We also consult and negotiate with management on pay and any matters which could potentially impact on your terms & conditions.

Your reps are well-trained with plenty of practical experience and PCS/TUC educational courses behind us. This provides a good knowledge base which we use to support members in a variety of situations.

We have many years of experience doing this and have a good success rate representing members’ interests. So if you have a problem or are just looking for advice contact your nearest rep and they’ll be happy to help you, and if that rep doesn’t have an immediate answer the committee as a whole will be able to assist and provide guidance where necessary.

If you are not a member of PCS yet why don’t you join us? Just contact any of the reps listed below and they will give you a membership form.

For new members who are on fixed-term contracts or apprenticeships, membership is free for the first six months.

The reps in your area are:

Glasgow                                                       Gosport

Jamie Feerick - jfeerick@dxc.com                    Paul Dique - pdique@dxc.com

Harold Good - hgood@dxc.com                       Chris Bradley - cbradley8@dxc.com

Kelly-Ann O'Donnell - kodonnell@dxc.com

Robert Kerr - rkerr22@dxc.com

Roddy Carmichael - rcarmichael@dxc.com

Laura Gilfillan - llearmonth@dxc.com

Issy Wilson - iwilson27@dxc.com

Joy Smith - jsmith377@dxc.com

Stephen McGinnis - Smcginnis3@csc.com






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