Covid-19 responses from employers in the Commercial Sector

23 Mar 2020

A round-up of employers' advice regarding the coronavirus.


The company has issued a number of briefings with the main one coming from the CEO on17 March. Atos stating they are open for business and they are aligned with the UK Government guidance and have committed to monitoring this as and when it develops.

Members who work on the NS&I account have been classed as key workers.

Atos have put in place a hold on all business travel unless agreed by senior staff member beforehand. They have also issued guidance on working from home.

PCS group president wrote to head of HR saying that we wanted more consultation and are willing to issue joint communications if we are involved in the decisions being made.

Atos have offered us a meeting on Thursday 26 March to discuss the crisis and collaborative working. We will update the website after the meeting.


Capgemini have issued a number of briefings on the Covid-19 crisis both at group level and at account level (most of our members work on the HMRC account).

Advice has been issued on handwashing facilities and also carrying out individual risk assessments.

Members who work on the HMRC account have been classed as key workers.

PCS has a monthly meeting scheduled on 24 March when we will be asking for an update on the company’s response to the outbreak.


On Monday 16 March Atradius Group management issued a note encouraging all staff to work from home.

There was some discussion regarding speed of implementation however by 18 March just about everyone worldwide was working from home for an indefinite amount of time.

PCS reps are impressed with both what has been done and the speed it has been implemented.


DXC are following government advice and advising members to self-isolate for 7 days if they have continuous cough or a high temperature and to stay at home for 14 days if they live with someone displaying symptoms. Reps asking management to pay security guards full pay if they are off work due to the outbreak.


Company have been conducting daily meetings and have issued a Covid-19 response template which managers have to update each morning. This is being used to monitor end to end management of those who have contracted the virus, self-isolating or are being treated. Business continuity measures are being put in place to deal with the ever changing governmental changes.

Travel restrictions have been implemented.

All other companies in the Commercial Sector

PCS Assistant General Secretary, John Moloney, has written to the Cabinet Office on 23 March demanding that third party outsourced companies’ give their staff paid time off during this crisis to replicate what is happening in the Civil Service.

A briefing is being prepared that will go out to members in the next few days stating what our demands are to the Cabinet Office.

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