Union pushes for recognition in Atos on Tax Free Child Care account in Preston

03 Mar 2020

PCS welcomes the recruitment of 56 out of 71 employees in Preston and will continue to try for union recognition.

What does membership of PCS mean?

There are dozens of reasons to join a union, but ultimately, it comes down to protecting your rights in the workplace. The PCS trade union works hard to ensure all workers have the right to representation in their workplace and we can make real improvements to our members’ lives through securing better pay and terms & conditions.

When you join PCS, you’ll become part of a diverse and varied community of working people, just like you. Not only will you have our support on workplace issues such as fair pay for all and a healthy working environment; you’ll also have access to a number of PCS benefits:-

By joining PCS you will be adding your voice to the tens of thousands of other members across the country who want to stand up for better working conditions: whether that’s for improved pay and contracts, protecting against redundancy and office closure as well as having a say on how your workplace is organised and run.

Refusing to employ you for trade union membership reasons

An employer or employment agency isn't allowed to insist that you:

  • join or leave a trade union
  • leave one union for another.

Next steps

PCS wrote to Atos on 7 February 2020 and asked the company to voluntary recognise our union for staff working on TFC at Preston.

Under the terms of Schedule A1 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 the company had 10 working days in which to respond.

They have chosen not to respond within the time limit so PCS has no option but to formally apply to the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) asking for recognition and the right to collectively bargain on your behalf.

PCS will keep you informed of our progress towards recognition.

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