Conference 2017 - Briefing No 2 Venue,Registration & Trainee Delegates

05 Apr 2017

Information on LR Group Conference 2017


This year’s Group Conference will be held at the Brighton Centre, Mass Media Room. The dates of the conference will be Monday 22 May 2017 between 1400 – 1730 hours and Tuesday 23 May 2017 between 0930 - 1200 hours.


All group registration is to be held centrally in the Brighton Centre Foyer.  Registration will be possible on Sunday 21 May between 1500 and 1900 and on Monday 22 May between 0900 and 1400.


A GEC meeting will be held on Monday 22 May in the Brighton Centre, Meeting Room 15, Level 4, time to be confirmed.


Standing Orders Committee will be available to hear reference backs to SOC 1, and SOC 2, Monday 22 May 10.00 – 11.00 hours, both meetings will take place in the Brighton Centre, Mass Media Room.  Branches should have notified me as per Group Conference Timetable 2017 briefing of their Branch’s intention to do so and the purpose of any reference back.  Should the SOC wish to speak to a Branch delegate it will contact the Branch directly.


There will be a meeting for trainee delegates in the Mass Media Suite 1100-1200 on Monday 22 May; all trainee delegates are expected to attend this meeting.


Delegates are reminded they are responsible for all personal belongings; please ensure they are kept with you at all times. Any items left in Mass Media Room at the end of the day will be disposed of as part of the daily cleaning routine.

Attachments forms are below

Form 1 Visit Brighton

Form 2 Delegate Expenses

Form 3 PCS Expenses Policy and Guidance

Form 4 Rail and Air booking

Form 5 Creche Registration

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