Conference review

The month of May means one thing in PCS and that is conference season.

All trains, planes and automobiles lead to Brighton and the conference centre for delegates from our branches to shape our policy making at both group and national level for the coming year.

Our conferences have their own particular language and jargon as rules of debate must be strictly observed.

23 motions were accepted for debate following stern examination by or standing orders committee or ‘SOC’ (see what I mean?)

These were divided into the following categories:

  1. Pay
  2. Health and safety
  3. Structures and staffing
  4. Distinguished life memberships
  5. Equality
  6. Organisation
  7. Personnel.

The DLMs were awarded to Liam O’Donnell from DBS and Mike Chew from Stansted for their sterling efforts as reps in our group.

Our activist award, named after the late Paul McGoay, went to Andrew Smith from Dover. See more here

Conference also welcomed its usual range of guest speakers. General secretary Mark Serwotka outlined our coming challenges with a change of prime minister looming. Our new national president Fran Heathcote detailed the current disputes PCS is involved in while the victor in the recent assistant general secretary election, John Moloney, urged everyone to get involved in our union.

Conference wound up with the customary ‘vote of thanks’, delivered by the inimitable Chris Kelly.

Now you know the jargon, why not get yourself down to Brighton next year and move or oppose a motion? It really is time for everyone to get involved.

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