Breach of contract - fixed term appointments

A government department advertised permanent posts, but then informed applicants the posts would only be for a fixed term of 18 months. Our member was offered one of the posts, but the appointment letter stated that the contract would be for 51 weeks. Thompsons were asked if the Department's breach of their own rules amounted to a breach of contract.

Provision of references, case 1

A poor reference from a previous employer led to a member losing their job. PCS sought advice on the prospects of challenging the decision to terminate employment.

Provision of references, case 2

A PCS member applied for a job with a local authority. He was offered the job, but following receipt of a reference provided by his former civil service department the local authority withdrew the offer of employment.

Reduction in weekend working and impact on salary

An employer had announced plans to reduce weekend working. Members were concerned about the adverse impact the reduction of hours would have on their salary level. The solicitor was asked if the planned reductions would amount to a breach of contract.

Updated 7 Feb 2017

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