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28 May 2020

On 19 May, NATS gave both PCS and Prospect formal notice on our agreement on Redeployment and Redundancy NATSAG001. This agreement has a year’s notice period for either side which in simple terms means that this agreement will now cease to apply from 19 May 2021.  NATS has indicated its intention to negotiate a new cheaper agreement in the interim period, which would cut the benefits of anyone made redundant. We were also informed that NATS would intend to restructure and would be a smaller organisation in the future but there is no more detail as to what that means as of yet.

PCS is shocked and disappointed that there was no attempt to consult with the unions ahead of making this decision and we have concerns for what this means for members in the future.

There have now been three decisions taken by NATS (DB pensions deferral, CAPEX suspension & now the withdrawal of NATSAG001) in recent weeks that undermine the working together framework PCS tries to work to: this behaviour is unacceptable.

The trade unions have engaged in negotiations that have looked to offer flexible working across all grades. These options have been drafted and included sabbaticals with multiyear pay options, temporary and permanent flexible working hours. Clearly the announcement to withdraw from NATSAG001 changes the negotiating landscape for PCS.

For now we ask members to consider this news and understand the rationale for PCS’s frustration with the intention to withdraw from NATSAG001. To keep the workforce on for 12 months and potentially make changes to terms and conditions and then face redundancy, on a much-reduced agreement is not acceptable for members.

Please keep checking the Coronavirus HUB pages for information and if you are on Facebook please add yourself to the PCS Aviation Group – ATM Section.

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