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Group office


Group executive - 2019/20

Chris Dando, Group president

(MOD Civil Service Unions (MCSU)


Rob Bowers, Vice President

(MOD Civil Service Unions (MCSU)/ MCSU Standing Committees) 


Robin Bold, Group Organiser

(Head Office and Corporate Support)


Richard O'Brien, Group Treasurer

(DECA (ex DSG)


GEC members

Andy Boylan

(DG Nuclear)


Gerry Burns


Alan Dennis

(Navy/ MOD Civil Service Unions (MCSU)/ Equality, diversity and inclusion committee/ SHEF committee) 


John Fury



Geoff Lange

(Navy/ SHEF committee)


Frances Lanigan

(Air Command)


Mick Mace

(Skills committee)


Chris Marshall 



Damian Mullan

(Air Command /SHEF committee)


Mark Robinson


Steve Robinson

(Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)/ MDP/ Joint Forces Command)


Donna Start

(Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)/ Skills committee)


Sean Sweeney

(Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)/ NISGS)


Full-time officers

Justin Thomas (Group Secretary)


Harriet Protheroe Davis (Organising Officer) 



Last updated 09/08/2019

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