Group Conference and Elections

DSg conference timetable 2018

2018 conference election timetable - Annex A

Venue and times

The DSg group conference 2018 will be held in Brighton from the afternoon Monday 21st May to the morning on Tuesday 22nd May.  The exact venue and timings will be confirmed in a further briefing


Motions for discussion at group conference must be confined to matters appropriate to the DSg and its agencies. Motions must comply with the rules contained under the standing orders section in the group constitution. Motions can be submitted electronically online via the PCS Website. Online motions will open at 10 am on Monday 5th February and close at 5pm Thursday 8th March 2018 . If you have any queries please contact DSg group office or 02920 666 363.

Alternatively motions can be submitted by paper form (see right hand side). It is important that there is only one motion on each form. Motions received after the deadline at 5pm on Thursday 8th March 2018 will not be accepted. Motions should be addressed to:

Paul Bemrose, DSg Group Secretary, PCS Wales & South West Hub, 2nd Floor, Transport House, 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9HA or emailed to:

Faxed Motions will not be acccepted.

Emergency motions

Emergency motions will only be valid in respect of matters arising after Thursday 8th March 2018. Emergency motions nust have been passed at a properly constituted General Meeting of the branch and submitted to the defence Sector Group Secretary in writing by 12 noon Thursday 17th May 2018. The Standing Orders Committee (SOC) will meet the branch before conference commences to communicate its decision regarding the emergency motion(s) at a time to be announced in the conference agenda and timetable.


The basis of representation at group conference is laid down in Rule 18 of the group constitution:

  • Up to 100 members 1 delegate
  • 101-300 members 2 delegates
  • 301-500 members 3 delegates
  • More than 500 members 4 delegates

Branches may combine in a consortium to elect a delegate in accordance with supplementary rule 6.14 of the PCS rules. Branches proposing to form a consortium should notify DSg Group Secretary via in writing no later than 5pm Friday 9th March 2018

Branches from the private sector are also invited to nominate delegates to attend conference on the same basis as set out in Rule 18 of the consitution.

The names and addresses of delegates to conference should be notified to Paul Bemrose, Group Secretary no later than 5pm Thursday 8th March 2018

Delegates are reminded that they are expected to attend all sessions of the group conference.

Trainee delegates

Branches wishing to nominate trainee delegates to attend conference must complete the relevant form and submit it to Paul Bemrose, group secretary.

A separate form should be used for each trainee delegate.

Accommodation, travel and expenses

Details of DSg accommodation, travel and expenses will be issued shortly.

DSg 2017 Annual report

this will be made available shortly

DSg Elections 2018

Group Nominations

Nominations are particularly welcomed from members from under represented groups, which in this group includes women, black minority ethnic groups (Asian, Chinese, Caribbean, African etc), disabled, young and lesbian, bisexual, trans and gay members.

Annual general meetings – Outcome of branch elections

The recording of activist data has been centralised and the membership department now has responsibility for all activists’ amendments and updates. Any amendments received should be forwarded to or contact the membership department on 020 7801 2670. The balloting office will be issuing an outcome of branch elections pro forma with the national election paperwork.


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