There have been a number of incidents of members having heart attacks in the work place and it has become more apparent that having a defibrillator on sites would save lives. Defibrillators are more common place in public places and the technology has moved on so that they are much easier for anyone to use.

PCS thought the time was right to approach the issue again and we approached the department to request defibrillators in all our offices not just those that were front facing.
Following negotiations, the department confirmed that they would install 744 defibrillators throughout the DWP estate. This information is now available on the departmental intranet.

There should be local discussions with PCS Health and Safety Reps on each site to decide where each machine will be situated and the timescale for when they will be installed. Training will also be made available on TARAHS.  This is another step in the right direction to make our work places safer.

In DWP PCS has Health and Safety reps in all of its branches. These reps deal with all issues of safety in the workplace, from work related stress, the office environment and safety in the workplace.

If you have any issues it is essential that you contact your local rep. We also need to ensure that everyone records all accidents and incidents and they contact their Health and Safety rep so that they can take any action required and monitor trends. Above all we need to work together to make things safe for everyone in our workplaces.

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