Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The BEIS group in PCS represents members across the BEIS family, including the core department, its agencies and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs).

The key units of the group are the members that make it up, the local branches covering each part of the BEIS family, and the group executive committee which covers the entire group.

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April 10 2018 National Pay Campaign

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Members come first

The first and most important element of the group is you, the member. Without membership involvement and activity PCS is not able to function effectively as a union.

All members are part of a branch, determined by geographical location.

Details of branch contacts can be found here.

Group Executive Committee

A group executive committee (GEC) covers all branches.  It is made up of elected representatives to protect and promote the interests of all PCS members in BEIS and to progress issues which affect members in more than one branch.

Our policies will normally be established at the annual group conference, but the GEC might also need to determine policy on new issues between conferences.

Details of group contacts can be found here.

PCS is there to support us

PCS’s interest within BEIS covers everything which affects you as a worker and union member in the department - such as:

  • pay and conditions
  • accommodation and information
  • communication and technology issues
  • excessive workloads
  • work/life balance
  • health and well-being

…in fact anything which has a direct or indirect impact on our members.  The GEC also appoints the PCS reps on the departmental trade union side (DTUS) from branch and group levels.  The DTUS brings together PCS, and the other unions recognised by BEIS, and is responsible for consultation and negotiation with the employer in the core department.

Keeping you up to date

If you want to see improvements to your pay and working conditions, if you do not want to be disciplined unfairly, or if you want to work in healthy conditions without being continually overloaded with work, then joining PCS and playing a role in the union’s work is the way to turn what you want from your employer into a reality.

If we stand together we can stop these unfair government cuts from destroying public services in this country.

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