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The Department for Communities and Local Government national branch covers members working across the UK government department for communities and local government in England.

Your PCS membership is under threat as Tory ministers are looking to stop union subscriptions being paid out of your salary through the check-off system.

We need you to register to pay your PCS subs by direct debit to stay protected at work.

You will need your bank details and either National Insurance or PCS membership number to hand.

Political attack

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude is determined to end the system, known as check-off, in as many government departments as possible before the general election in May.

Whether you've needed your union in the past or not, that doesn't mean you won't need it in the future.

Life in the civil service is not as secure as it used to be. In fact, chancellor George Osborne has outlined that if the Tories are elected in May the reduction of departmental spending will continue in the first 2 years of the next parliament, taking at least £15 billion off Whitehall budgets.

He also plans to cut spending by a further £60 billion more to 1930s levels and 1 million jobs.

Your union will continue to help save jobs, improve your pay and campaign on the major issues that affect you at work.

Meanwhile Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude is plotting to privatise a further £20 billion public services.

Already signed up? Ask a work colleague to register for direct debit.

Please act now. It’s a very small price for peace of mind.

We would also encourage all non members to join PCS today. The best way to protect your pay and terms and conditions is to join us.

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