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Support levy to help striking DVSA members

We are asking all DVSA members to help pay the wages of members who are taking sustained strike action in the long-running dispute.

Read more and use the form to set up a standing order with your bank (you can also do this online).

DfT branches

The PCS DfT group is structured into multi-department regional branches except for DVLA which is a stand-alone branch. Details for each of these branches can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ drop down menu on the left hand side of this page.

The branches are:

  • DfT - DVLA
  • DfT - East Midlands
  • DfT - Eastern
  • DfT - London and the South East
  • DfT - North West
  • DfT - Northern
  • DfT - Scotland & Northern Ireland
  • DfT - South West
  • DfT - Wales
  • DfT - West Midlands
  • DfT - Yorkshire and Humberside

Not sure which branch you are in? Please send your name and membership number or NI number to or you can ring the DFT Group Office on 0121 6434342.

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