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These are the pages for PCS members working for the Department of Transport.

New DfT branches

The PCS DfT group has now been restructured into multi-department regional branches except for DVLA which remains unchanged. The inaugural branch AGMs were held during March 2015. Branch council details will be published shortly. In the meantime if you have a query and don't know who your local rep is, please contact the DfT Group office on

The branches are:.

  • DfT - DVLA
  • DfT - East Midlands
  • DfT - Eastern
  • DfT - London and the South East
  • DfT - North West
  • DfT - Northern
  • DfT - Scotland & Northern Ireland
  • DfT - South West
  • DfT - Wales
  • DfT - West Midlands
  • DfT - Yorkshire and Humberside

Not sure which branch you are in? Please send your name and membership number or NI number to

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