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On this page we set out the structure of the Department for Transport group - the nuts and bolts of how the union is organised in our neck of the woods.

Local branches

The first and key element of the union is you - the member.

Without you there is no PCS, no union. Members are grouped together into branches. These branches will be run by a committee called the branch executive committee (BEC). 


Department for Transport  is currently split by the management into eight different bargaining units.

Until February 2006 each of these bargaining units was a stand alone PCS organisation. Now they are sub parts of a bigger organisation that covers all of the Department for Transport .

In PCS terms we call the bargaining units sections. Each section is run by a section executive committee (SEC). 


On top of all this is the group. This PCS organisation covers all of Department for Transport. You probably have guessed it already that the group executive committee (GEC) runs the Group. The rules governing the GEC and each SEC are called the group constitution.

Annual group conference

Each year there is a meeting of delegates from each branch that has members in Department for Transport. This meeting is called the annual group conference.

This conference, through voting on motions sent to it by the branches, determines the group's policy.

At this meeting, provided two thirds or more of the conference vote in favour, the constitution can be changed.

Each year BECs, SECs and the GEC stand down and members get the chance to vote for all those who want to be on those committees.

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