Branch Contacts

DfT - DVLA (201050)

Chair: Richard Jenkins

Secretary: Andrea Slarke

DfT - East Midlands (201051)

Chair: Claire Jackson

Secretary: Paul Williams

DfT - Eastern (201052)

See your employer contacts on the left hand side of this page, or the DFT - London & SE, and DFT - East Midlands branch contacts on this page.

DfT - London and the South East (201053)

Chair: David Pope

Secretary: Keith Clark

DfT - North West (201054)

Chair: Lindsay Alder

Secretary: Darren Gerrard

DfT - Northern (201055)

Chair: Steven Watson

Secretary: Diane Tate

DfT - Scotland & Northern Ireland (201056)

Chair: Donna Wight

Secretary: Steve Grigor

DfT - South West (201057)

Chair: Mark Dollar

DfT - Wales (201058)

Secretary: Brian Burke

Dft - West Midlands (201059)

Chair: Nurettin Cirakli

Secretary: Stewart Williams

DfT - Yorkshire and Humberside (201060)

Chair: June Barnes

Secretary: John Hegney

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